Legal Information

Patrons with Disabilities

The Thirty-fifth Judicial District welcomes our patrons with  disabilities and wishes to publish our commitment to making court  employment opportunities, programs and services accessible to all  persons. Any person wishing to request an accommodation in order to  participate in our employment process or court proceedings should  utilize the ADA Accommodations Request Form, which can be downloaded from the bottom if this page, if possible.

 Persons in Grant Parish, requiring  accommodations should submit a written request or complete the  accommodation request form and send it to the clerk of court, in writing  at the address below:

Hon. Randall Briggs
Grant Parish Clerk of Court
P.O. Box 263
Colfax, LA 71417
by telephone at 318-627-3246,

 by fax 318-627-3201

Ex-Parte Communication

  Pursuant to the Code of Judicial Conduct, Canon 3(A)(6), “the judge shall not permit private or ex-parte interviews, arguments, or communications designed to influence his or her judicial action in any case, either civil or criminal.” 


While we wish to serve everyone, there are limitations on activities judges can undertake. A district judge cannot offer legal advice. Furthermore, judges are generally prohibited from discussing legal proceedings with parties, attorneys or other interested persons outside of the courtroom. Judge Willett is interested in hearing what each party has to say, but cannot do so outside the presence of the other party(ies). Improper communication with Judge Willett or his staff will likely result in him being recused from hearing the matter.

 For the Court to take any action, appropriate pleadings must be filed with the Clerk of Court.


 The Families in Need of Services program  became effective in all courts having juvenile jurisdiction on July 1, 1994, as Title VII of the Louisiana Children’s Code.  This title of the  Children’s Code represents a substantial consolidation of former proceedings known under the Code of Juvenile Procedure as Children in  Need of Supervision (CINS) and Parents in Need of Supervision (PINS).   The Families in Need of Services process is designed to permit the  juvenile court to return to it’s original role of coordinating community  resources to assist and reinforce the family in an effort to prevent  delinquency and family disintegration. FINS goals are to reduce formal  juvenile court involvement while generating appropriate community  services to benefit the child and improve family relations. 

Contact Information:
Lamar Briggs
Chief FINS Intake Officer

Louisiana Protective Order Registry

The Louisiana Supreme Court website has helpful information on the Louisiana Protective Order Registry (LPOR).

Patrons Requiring Interpretation

If you have limited English proficiency, or feel that you need the assistance of an interpreter, please contact our office at 318-627-3244.

Legal Assistance

If you cannot afford an attorney or are interested in representing yourself, please visit our self-help website.