Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful Information About Our Court


Bond Settings:

Bond settings or 72 hour hearings are generally held in the courtroom on Mondays and Thursdays at 1:30 p.m.  Incarcerated defendants generally appear by video, and are not transported to the courthouse for this hearing.  For any questions regarding the amount of the bond set, or how to provide a bond for someone, please contact the Grant Parish Detention Center at (318) 627-3724.


Questions about specific cases on Criminal, Juvenile, or Child Support Court dockets are better directed to the District Attorney’s office, which is vested with the sole authority to set these dates. The judge’s office sets the civil docket, which is available on the website.

Sealed Records:

By statute certain cases are sealed, such as adoptions, juvenile matters, and other cases where a legitimate reason exists for non-disclosure. Access to these records will be granted only upon written motion and when authorized by the law.


If you have been served with a subpoena for a specific court date, and you have a question about that subpoena, please contact the person who requested it. This information can be found on the subpoena.

Court Costs:

Court costs regarding civil suits are assessed and collected by the Clerk of Court.  Please call their office with any questions.

Traffic tickets which are handled by the 35th Judicial District Court are paid to the Grant Parish Sheriff's Office.  For questions regarding how and when those can be paid, please contact their civil division at (318) 627-4106. 

Attorney Appointments:

If you are party to a civil suit and cannot afford an attorney, you will need to contact Acadiana Legal Services. The court does not appoint attorneys for indigent parties in civil matters. 

The Public Defender’s Office, which can be reached at (318) 627-3255, is responsible for interviewing criminal defendants, and appointing attorneys when a defendant is indigent. 

Jury Excuses:

The complete jury list is printed in The Chronicle by the Clerk of Court. They do not modify the list to account for those excused from jury duty before sending it to be printed. If you have been told by a member of the Judge’s Office that you are excused, you may disregard your name in The Chronicle.

Please note that you may be cited for contempt of court for failure to appear for jury duty when summoned, if not previously excused.


Dress Code and Rules of Conduct:
Modest dress is required.
The wearing of flip flops, shorts, tank tops or head coverings of any kind is prohibited.
All men's shirts must be tucked into their pants.
The carrying of any type of weapon in the courtroom is prohibited.
No cell phones, cameras, or other recording devices are permitted.
No food or beverages are allowed in the courtroom.
No talking is allowed while court is in session.
No newspapers allowed in the courtroom.
Parents, please try to keep your children quiet.


35th Judicial District Court Disaster Plan

The Continuity of Operations Plan describes the personnel and procedures the Court will follow in the event the District Court is rendered partially or fully inoperable due to a disaster. This plan has been developed to minimize the time the Court is unavailable to the public, whether short or long term. 

35th JDC disaster Plan for website (pdf)